Loja dos Saberes, is my dearest achievement. I love people and living in society means interaction. So, how can we do that if not by knowing several languages and making contacts with people? That’s why our team is formed by friends who work together, many of them former students or even their relatives. Loja dos Saberes is in fact a synonym of networking and being professional.

Our language courses (Portuguese for Foreigners, English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Romanian) have the particularity of being quite flexible, since we try to meet our students’ needs and expectations the best we can. They are also “tailor made” and even our timetables adapt to our students’ availability.

The translations are made by a team of native speakers, and then revised by the translator and another party, so our work is absolutely reliable.

We also offer special programmes for children, mainly during the summer time. The activities include a range of walks to the beach, sports, arts and crafts, language lessons, cooking, theatre, music workshops, you name it!
This summer we are offering a six week timetable (Monday to Saturday) in order to give parents the opportunity to have their children in a great and safe environment, where they can have fun and learn new things, making the most out of every single moment of their vacations.

To get a better feeling of the activities we have already offered, visit our Facebook page or just give us a call (+351 289 516 264 or +351 965 668 440).