Yoga signifies union ad harmony. In other terms, yoga means working to achieve a level where the activity of the body and the mind work harmoniously together.

Yoga is also referred to the union of an individual and a higher being however, it doesn´t take any religion in specific; it is a system that aims to help people achieve their hole potential and a high level of consciousness.

                                  This is possible through ancestry techniques, accessible to all of those who are                                            interested in the development of all their human faculties: Physical, emotional,                                          mental and spiritual.

                                                    Through the control of your body and breathing, yoga evolves exercises                                                    that work through physical positions, breathing and relaxing techniques                                               that benefit the nervous system, the glands and the vital organs promoting                                               a perfect health.

                                              A Loja dos saberes, in the hands of the yoga teacher, Sandra, offers you                                                 the possibility of practicing this activity on this timetable:

                                                Friday - 6p.m. /     9:30 p.m.